20 Famous Body Parts Everyone Would Love To Have

One of the key components of Hollywood is the focus on physical perfection – it is the place to go to find beautiful people. But nowadays there are so many people who get nipped and tucked with plastic surgery or retouched into oblivion on the cover of magazines its hard to tell what is truly beautiful and what is actually fake. And yet, there are men and women out there who have such amazing assets that you stop caring whether they’re real or not and just covet those attributes.

Channing Tatum’s Hands

With his performance as a male exotic dancer in Magic Mike, everyone has been privy to all of the incredible physical assets of Channing Tatum. But one of his most over-looked attributes is definitely his beautiful yet manly hands.

Lea Michele’s Hair

Lots of female celebrities have ridiculously gorgeous hair, but the star of the former hit TV show Glee seems to have a little bit something extra in the tresses department. No matter what color it is, Lea Michele’s locks are always sleek and still full of body.

Robert Pattinson’s Jaw

If there was ever any proof that looks trump talent, Twilight star Robert Pattinson is that proof. But with a perfectly straight jawline like his, who needs any acting ability at all?

Giselle Bundchen’s Body

Some people have to work endlessly in the kitchen and at the gym to obtain the perfect physique, but some people seem blessed with an amazing body. Victoria’s Secret supermodel Giselle Bundchen has such a killer bod that it has made her the highest paid model in the world.