20 Awkward Throwback Photos Of Our Favorite Celebrities

Puberty is probably the most painfully awkward phase in our lives. Our high school life is mostly characterized by zits, braces, awkwardness and bullies. Thank god we’re all past that. High school has not escaped celebrities too. While it’s easy to imagine that celebs have always been gorgeous and fabulous, they weren’t always that way. Before they were famous, they had to go through high school (just like everybody else).

Let’s see how puberty has treated our favorite celebs like Megan Fox, Winona Ryder and more! You’ll certainly enjoy these 20 gloriously awkward photos of our favorite celebrities as teens. Let’s see how many celebrities can you recognize based on their throwback photos.

Who is she?

This young girl in the plaid dress has a handsome catch of a man for a prom date — but nowadays, she brings her wife Portia de Rossi for Hollywood’s biggest events. Yes, she’s Ellen Degeneres! Ellen used to date a guy back in high school.

Who Is He?

She is probably the luckiest girl and didn’t know it then -h er prom date is Peter Hernandez a.k.a. Bruno Mars at Roosevelt High School!

Who Is This Kid?

Another awkward photo that will make you think this kid will never get far in life… but he was the world’s most eligible bachelor until he got married in 2014. Any guesses on who this kid is? He’s none other than George Clooney!

Who Is This Nerd?

No, the nerd didn’t turn out to be an IT professional in Silicon Valley — he’s the original King of Crunk, Lil’ Jon!