17 Creepy Dummies You’ll See Again In Your Nightmares

There’s something creepy about ventriloquist dummies. Maybe it’s the cold, dead eyes, or perhaps it’s the rigid, mechanical mouth. Maybe it’s just a perfect storm of separately, off-putting elements combined? In any case, they certainly don’t get any better with age. In fact, the further back in time you go, the more you realize children of the past must have had iron constitutions. How else could these demon puppets “entertain” kids without making them go completely catatonic out of fear? You could say the same about old-timey clowns, but that’s a list for another day.

So, in case you’ve ever wanted to say ‘My God, what is that thing?‘ seventeen times in a row, we present our list of the creepiest ventriloquist dummies of all time.

Mother’s Boy

We’re starting you off easy. Think this one is creepy? Trust us, it gets worse. It’s not too late to read one of our other lists.

​Eye See You

Told you it got worse. We apologize for the eye pun, by the way. We know it doesn’t get any cornea than that. Okay, now we’re really sorry.

Big Head Billy

There’s no way that thing was ever intended to look cute, right? Apparently, people in the past had a higher tolerance for nightmare-inducing ugliness. At least the gentleman operating it is handsome. Or is he just good looking by comparison?

The Living Cabbage Patch Kid

Kids around the world pretend their Cabbage Patch dolls are alive. We’re glad they aren’t, because they’d probably grow up to look something like this.