16 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Minions’

Similar to the penguins of Madagascar, the minions of Despicable Me became so popular that it spawned their very own movie released in North America in July — Minions. They’re seen all over our social media feeds and the movie has already made over $160 million heading into the second weekend — that’s not including the over $280 million it reeled in from outside of North America. Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about Minions.

Director Plays The Biggest Role

There’s plenty of directors that also play a lead or a big role in a movie, and Pierre Coffin is one of them. He voiced 899 minions in the movie.

What Exactly Is “Minionese?”

The “Minionese” language throughout the movie is actually a mashup of multiple languages and not just gibberish. Some languages featured are English, French, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Indonesian Influence

Some words in the minion language are taken from Bahasa Indonesia. For example, “kemari” and “terima kasih” mean “come here” and “thank you,” respectively. This is influenced by the director’s Indonesian mother.

Spanish Influence

Kevin, one of the minions, frequently uses the phrase “se pa la.” That’s also a Spanish expression that means “who knows.” The minions also say “gracias,” which means “thank you” in Spanish. Interestingly enough, the minions say “thank you” in multiple languages throughout the movie (they also say it in Malay).