10 Disgusting Facts You Didn’t Know About Insects

Let’s not beat around the bush — insects are disgusting creatures. It’s a topic that can be very divisive between people that find it fascinating and others that cringe at the sight of it. The idea of spiders and bugs crawling around you, let alone it actually happening, is enough to give anyone the shivers. Still, it’s hard to argue that some aspects of insects are incredibly unique and oddly interesting. We’ve decided to combine both of these by giving you some extremely gross facts about insects that will make you turn your head.

Houseflies Are Revolting Creatures

They may seem harmless, but there’s a reason why your mother told you to throw away any food that a housefly lands on. These insects constantly poop and vomit because they can’t hold much food, and they don’t know any better to stop eating.

Army Ants Close Wounds

In the Amazon, a technique to close serious wounds is to take an army ant and have them bite the cut. Their bite is so strong that it actually closes the wound, in a similar fashion to stitching it.