13 Of The Most Regrettable Tattoos Ever

Tattooing is something that goes back across the ages. No longer something that’s associated with criminals and/or rock stars, tattoos are a big part of our culture, even if there are some people who disapprove of them entirely. Sure there are employers who are reluctant to hire those who have visible ink, but there are some designs which are simple breathtaking, simply gorgeous and even creative.

These ones, however, are not those. These are the ones we’ve gathered from around the digital globe that put the very art of tattooing to shame. So roll up your sleeve and be prepared to cringe at the poor person who has to live with these images etched onto their bodies.

Human Chessboard

You have to wonder about the thought process that went behind choosing this design. Notice how it matches the background.


One has to wonder, “who is she being loyal to?”