10 Weird Things Your Brain Does Every Day

Brains are weird — they are what makes us who we are., and they’re also the reason we can function normally and try and reach our full potential. However, brains are also flawed in many ways, most unknown to the regular folks. We’ve researched the mysterious ways in which the brain works and listed just some of its fatal flaws below. How many did you know of? How many of these can you actually believe are real? We guarantee all are!

Overruling The Digestive System For No Good Reason

Ever noticed how you sometimes have “room for dessert” even after eating a huge meal? Well blame your brain. Sometimes brain overrules the stomach just because it likes the way something looks — have you ever heard of the saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”?

It Has A Problem With Vehicles

The brain has a hard time processing us driving in a vehicle when we’re actually not doing anything to make it run. When you’re walking, running or cycling, you’re using your legs to do so and brain can recognize that as motion. However, if you’re sitting down in a moving vehicle, it can be very confusing to the brain and that’s why motion sickness occurs.