10 Weird And Shocking Hair Trends Today

We all want to stand out, men and women alike, one way or another. Who wouldn’t want to come fashionably late and be the crowd stopper? In the name of fashion, people go great lengths to look fashion-forward. Nowadays, there seems to be an obsession with hair, more so than ever before. Men and women have become more bold, courageous and zany when it comes to their hair style choices. These trends pick up very quickly with the help of social media and the internet. These hairstyles are sure to catch everyone’s attention. If you’re one of these courageous people willing to try new things, you can give these 10 weird and shocking hair trends a try!

Clip-on Man Buns

Man Buns are the hottest thing now. But not all men could don man buns, whether they aren’t allowed in their workplace or they simply couldn’t grow their hair long enough. Thankfully, Groupon is selling clip-on man buns for only $9.99 — and they are selling like hotcakes right now!

Rainbow Ombre Roots

It’s basically the Opposite of the color ombre we know now — except that rainbow dyes are applied to the roots only instead of the tips of the hair.