10 Ways Office Life Is Killing You

There are currently far too many people working away their lives within a small, cramped office space. We go in every single day, sit down at a computer that we don’t own, and tap away at a keyboard while working on spreadsheets, for example. Our cubicle becomes a second home to some, which is sad and discouraging for those looking forward to a career in the future. What most people don’t realize, however, is that office life is actually killing you as a person, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Here are ten ways that office life is truly hurting your life.

Work Load

Most people tend to receive a massive work load while they are in the office. This work load ensures you have too much to handle, which brings on stress and depression for many. This stress aggravates the majority of office workers.

Extended Periods of Sitting

Scientists have learned that sitting for long periods of time is actually rather painful and horrible for your physical health. This incredible lack of physical movement is the perfect breeding grounds for diseases, including obesity.