10 Ways Gamers Can Earn Money From Video Games

The video game industry is massive, with some video game releases earning more money than big blockbuster films. There are gamers all over the world and while some just see video games as nothing more than a hobby, others have created full-time careers based around the media format. If you personally spend countless hours daily going through the latest video game releases, then you might be interested in how you can earn some money on the side to even being able to quit that full-time job of yours to pursue one based around playing video games. From working within the industry to playing video games for an audience, we have pinned down 10 ways in which you can earn money through video games alone.

Sell Gold/In-Game Items

Known as farming, gamers can earn themselves a bit of money just by obtaining in-game items and currency. This act has been around for a very long time and while some developers have a strict policy against selling in-game items, others have pushed it to the forefront. Take Diablo 3, for example, the game itself has options to sell your in-game items within real auction houses. Gamers can bid for your particular item and sellers can earn some real currency though Blizzard, developer of Diablo 3, does take a cut of each sale. Nevertheless, video games that offer real viable options to sell and purchase in-game items are far safer than being scammed through the use of eBay or other sources outside of the particular video game you may be shopping for.

eSport Tournaments

eSport Tournaments have really started to kick off in the past few years. Some of the very best gamers around the world attend these events in order to earn massive cash prizes. However, eSport Tournaments are not for the faint of heart. You’ll be up against the very best and with some serious money on the line, you better be sure that you’re skilled with whatever video game might be featured within the tournament.