10 Things You Should Know About The Dog Lover You’re Dating

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They may say dogs are man’s best friend, you could be a woman and that still holds true. The best thing about being a dog lover is that the canine companion in your life will love you unconditionally, no matter what. If you’re not a dog person yourself, you may never understand the affection we share with our four-legged friend, nor do we expect you to. We get that the relationship with our fur baby can get a little far-fetched at times, but that’s probably not going to change. So if you’ve started dating a dog lover, these are some things you should know about them.

We Kiss Our Dogs, Sometimes On The Lips.

Yes they lick their butts and eat the most disgusting things off the floor but we still need to show them affection the only way they know how, with a big slobbery kiss.

We Are Fantastic At Cuddling

Before you arrived, the preferred cuddle buddy was the dog. So if you want to be cuddled too be prepared to have the dog join us.

Our Dogs Are Family

They may be furry but we understand them and love them just like family. If you don’t like the dog then better leave now.

Sometimes Our Dog Becomes Priority

Just like they are family, they will become first if they ever needed anything.

We’re Completely Loyal

Dogs are known to be the most loyal companion and as owners we will be there every step

We Will Change Our Voice When We Talk To Them

Just like when we talk to a cute little baby, our voices will change automatically when we talk to our dog. We have different tones for different emotions and it’s our goal to make the dog happy.

We’re Ready For A Long Term Commitment

When we get our dog, we have either adopted them or purchased them with the intention of caring and loving them for the rest of their lives.

We’re Nurturers

We take care of our dogs like a nurse takes care of the elderly. We feed them, pick up their poop and take them to the vet. We’ll take good care of you, too.

Sometimes Things Get Weird

We might dress our dog up in a costume, push them in a stroller, or make up lyrics to a song dedicated to our puppy.

We Expect You To Love Our Dog As Much As We Do

To us, you liking the dog and vice versus is more important than our parent’s impression of you, because we can work on that. Our dog is a big part of us, so it’s required you love them – we’re a package deal.