10 Superhero Stories Coming To The Small Screen

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You’re most likely aware that comic book movies have never been more popular than they are right now. What you probably don’t don’t know is that the big screen isn’t the only place that is being inundated with comic book heroes. The small screens, meaning the Internet and your television, have already started to get their fair share of super hero stories but they’re going to be coming even more fast and furious once 2016 rolls around. It’s gotten to the point that we’ve plumbed the depths of comic book stories so much that we’re now going to be getting quite a few heroes and stories you’ve likely never heard of, unless you’re a big time comic book fan. We’ll have to see how that pans out when all is said and done. Check out our list of the 10 superhero stories that are coming to the small screen and let us know which ones you’re most excited for.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is yet another old school Marvel Comics character from around the same era as Luke Cage. He’ll be getting his own Netflix series next year and will likely have a few tie-ins to both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, as well as the first Marvel Comics characters that got his own Netflix series in Daredevil. The show is slated for an early 2017 release.


This send off of the old Teen Titans animated series will be airing on TNT, assuming it ever actually gets made. Of the 10 shows on this list, this is the one most likely to die off before it ever airs. Production has been pushed back twice but the creators are still looking to air the series that will focus on Nightwing (once Batman’s Robin) in 2017.


The SyFy network is jumping into the super hero story fray by bringing your Kryton. DC Comics fans know that is the planet of Superman’s birth. This show will reportedly center around the Man of Steel’s grandfather and is being helmed by David Goyer. Goyer has a ton of superhero movie street cred as the man behind Batman Begins and The Dark Knight as well as the Blade trilogy and the most recent Superman movie reboot. The show hasn’t entered production yet so it will be a while before we see this.

X-Men: Legion

Fox has picked up a couple of Marvel Comics stories that center around the X-Men universe. One of the most interesting that’s coming in the next few years will be Legion, which will reportedly focus on Professor X’s son. This son has a number of awesome powers, but he also has some serious mental problems. The showrunners have called this the Breaking Bad of the comic book world. Having just been picked up, we’re not sure exactly when we’re going to see it.

Marvel’s Damage Control

ABC has actually loved its success with Agents of Shield so much they’re bringing yet another super hero series in the form of Damage Control. This might be one of the more obscure story lines in the Marvel universe. Damage Control is made up a group of super hero cleanup crews that tend to show up just after the big fight is over, in order to claim alien artifacts or fix things that are broken after the fights.

Marvel’s Most Wanted

ABC has had so much success with Agent’s of Shield that it’s going to be bringing a spinoff that will focus on Mockingbird; or Bobbi in Agents of Shield. ABC ordered the pilot this August so hopefully the show will air in the fall of 2016.

X-Men: Hellfire

Fox had great success with DC comics when it comes to Gotham, now it’s trying out Marvel. The Hellfire club has been introduced to us through the X-Men reboot movies and now we’ll get a better look at the show when it airs. When that will be is anyone’s guess as Fox just purchased the rights this past October.

The Defenders

Since Netflix will eventually have four superhero shows in its rotation, it makes sense the streaming broadcasting company would combine them. The Defenders will take a page from Marvel’s comic book series of the same name, that featured Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist teaming up. Netflix is adding Jessica Jones to the team. It will be a little while before we see this one, as it’s slated for a 2018 release.

Legends of Tomorrow

This series is coming to cable television network The CW and will feature a number of heroes and villains that have made appearances on the two existing superhero shows on that network, Arrow and The Flash. Among the cast of characters is The Atom, White Canary, Hawk Girl, Fire Storm and villains turned good guys, Captain Cold and Heatwave. The show will debut on January 21, 2016.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is a Marvel Comics character that is going to be getting his own series on Netflix in 2016. The character is impervious to injury thanks to super strong skin and was one of the first black superheroes in the Marvel universe. His character has already been featured prominently in the Netflix series Jessica Jones.