10 Strange Things That Are Banned Around The World

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There are a lot of things that many people get to enjoy on a daily basis that you may take for granted. Some of these things include choosing what to wear, what to eat or even something simple as naming your newborn baby. Around the world, many things that may seem common to you are banned in other countries. Some of these bans are kind of absurd and shocking. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest things banned across the world.

Naming Your Child

Denmark’s government gives new parents a list of approved baby names, before they get to name their child. If the name the parents choose isn’t on the list they have to seek approval from the church before the government can approve it.

Hair Gel

The Iranian Government placed a ban on all types of hair gel. The government stated that hair gel is too much of a Western Culture hairstyle.

Movie Theaters

In Saudi Arabia, movie theaters are banned because it provides men and women an opportunity to meet and interact in a dark unsupervised environment.

Red Bull

Red Bull is banned in France because the product contains a chemical called taurine which is found in bull’s semen.

Kinder Surprise Candy Eggs

Kinder Surprise Candy Eggs are banned in the United States because candy has small toys inside which is a choking hazard for small children.

Blue Jeans

North Korea decided to ban blue jeans simply because the color blue is associated with the United States.

Porn Featuring Small Breasts

In Australia, porn featuring women with small breasts is banned because it could encourage pedophilia.

Chewing Gum

In Singapore, chewing gum was banned after someone tried to halt a public transportation system by sticking gum on it.

Comic Book Crime

Any comic books that depicts a life of crime are banned in Canada. The Canadian government will confiscate any comic material they deem to be obscene.

Junk Food Commercials

Due to a rising childhood obesity crisis, junk food commercials are banned in South Korea.