10 Of The Strangest eBay Auctions Ever Created

eBay is one of the most popular auction websites in the world, and not just because you can buy or sell nearly anything that comes to mind. People visit it on a near daily basis simply to make a wishlist of items they want to purchase at a later time. Weirdly enough, some people do use it to sell some of the strangest objects and services known to mankind. Millions of transactions are completed each and every day, but these ten are some of the strangest you’ll ever see.

Snake Gut Golf Balls

Back in January of 2008, an auction went live for four golf balls that had been surgically removed from the stomach of a grown python. The balls had been removed during emergency surgery in a Wildlife Sanctuary. They sold for an impressive $1,401.

A Single Cornflake

Back in November of 2009, Bill Bennett decided he was going to sell a single cornflake. He wanted to perform an experiment, but didn’t expect anyone to actually purchase the piece of cereal. One individual offered him 1 cent, then the number grew to a whopping $1.85.