10 Shocking Things You Won’t Believe Were Pulled From Sewers

Along with the teenage mutant ninja turtles, many have heard stories about monsters that live in the sewers, fed from the filth flushed down toilets. This list of ten shocking, amazing and atrocious things pulled from sewers will astound you. Although there are no mystical monsters on this list, you would never expect these to be the reason your bathrooms are getting clogged. The items on this list will leave you wondering why people flush the things they do, as well as the obvious question of how did they manage to get those things down there?


Horrifyingly, in 2013 a human baby was pulled from a sewer pipe in China’s Zhejiang Province by firefighters. Worse still, another similar case happened again in China’s Shaanxi Province when a baby was flushed down the toilet with the umbilical cord still attached. The baby was rescued when cries were heard by passers by. Both babies are believed to be healthy.


In 2006, an alligator was found living in the sewers. The 600 pound alligator was found exploring three-foot wide drain. The alligator was saved thanks to the efforts of the rescuers.