10 Shocking Things People Have Done In Their Sleep

We’ve all heard of people who sleepwalk but there are a number of things people do when they are sleeping that you would be shocked to see in person. Sometimes these people do things that seem almost normal, until they take a bit of a turn. Other times they do things that illustrate quite clearly that they are asleep but you can’t seem to get them to wake up. Sometimes the problem is that they won’t wake up for long periods of time, so long in fact that you begin to wonder if they really are ever going to wake up. People do all kinds of crazy things when they’re asleep. Check out our list of the 10 shocking things people have done in their sleep.

Slept For Months

While people who suffer from a real life sleeping beauty syndrome can’t be woken with true love’s kiss, there’s a reason this sleep disorder has its name. Victims of Kleine Levin Syndrome can actually be in a state of sleep for days or week. One victim even slept for eight months.

Make Artwork

This man is Lee Hadwin, who has been creating art in his sleep since he was four years old. The artist, who is a nurse in real life, says he has no real interest in drawing or painting when he’s awake, but his sleep art has won awards and big paydays for Hadwin.