10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex

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Let’s face is, sex is weird. Sometimes the question of just how weird sex is arises, and the answer is – deeply. If you’ve read any erotic literature or watched any pornographic movies, you will know there are kinks so deeply disturbing it takes you days to recover after finding out about them. Despite the human race having sex, well, forever, there is still new and bizarre things people figure out each day that may or may not become mainstream. Just like anything else, sex has its fashions too. Even if you are an expert on sex, these top ten facts will surprise you.

Rich Men Are Better In Bed

It has been kind of established poor do it better. It’s probably the literature that got us thinking that – the novels always talking about rich ladies hooking up with their employees. It’s considered the working class knows how to get it down and dirty better than anyone else. However, scientists claim that’s a cliché. British researchers did a study to determine the connection between female pleasure and partner’s wealth. It turns out the wealthier the man, the more orgasms women had. According to them, by choosing a richer man, women are rewarded with better and more frequent orgasms.

Sperm Contain Huge Amounts Of Information

Studies have shown that each piece sperm contains around 37.5 MB worth of data that’s carried in its DNA. If you think about it, that’s not that small amount of data for one single sperm. If you count all of the sperms that are swimming in a man’s testicles, men are actually supercomputers. Each time a man ejaculates he transfers around 1,500 terabytes. That’s more data than what you can find in hard drives of a thousand desktop computers.

Penises Bend In Many Weird Ways

Amsterdam is one of the world’s sex capitals and the Dutch are very open and vocal about sex. So, when their scientists got their hands on an MRI scanner they decided to put it to good use by seeing what couples having sex looked like on the inside. The photos that came back where deeply disturbing for the male population. What they discovered is that penises bend in some very uncomfortable ways inside the vagina. First, upon entering, the penis makes a 90 degrees turn which bends it into an L shape which can later go into different shapes during the intercourse. Ouch.

Fetuses Are Able To Get Erections

Pregnancy is both a gift and a very weird time for every woman. The body swells, there’s bizarre cravings and you’re basically waiting for a human to pop out of you. The miracle of life, right? Well, there’s still quite a few things that are quite disgusting when it comes to the whole thing, one of them being that if you’re carrying a little baby boy around in you, there’s a chance he’s having an erection right now. According to doctors, fetuses can get erections as early as 16 weeks.

Fat Guys Last Longer

This one might be the most surprising fact of them all. Whenever asked about their ideal man, women will give you responses such as tall, dark and in a great physical shape. But they may be approaching the whole thing completely wrong as studies have shown that fat guys last much longer. Turkish scientists did a study monitoring sexual performance of 100 men in a time frame of a year. They discovered that skinny men could hold off from ejaculating for an average of only 108 seconds while fatter guys could last for over 7 minutes.

It Would Take One Man Only Two Weeks To Impregnate The World

Studies have shown that an average man is capable of impregnating every fertile woman alive on earth in just two weeks. It is, of course, an impossible task, but it shows quite well just how much sperm the average human male produces. If there was a way to extract each sperm individually and fertilize the egg, it would take 14 days to do it.

10% Of Women Love Their Partners Less Than Fictional Characters

Did you ever ask yourself if you’re the ultimate love of your partner’s life? Well, common sense would suggest that everyone did that at least once. And while most of the partners do love each other deeply, there’s a portion of women who are more in love with the fictional characters than their partners. 10% of women, to be precise. Studies have shown that one in ten women cares so deeply for characters from books that their love is stronger for them than for their real-life partners.

Government-Sponsored Prostitute Visits

As previously mentioned, the Netherlands is quite a liberal country. In fact, they are so liberal they pay for some disabled people to visit prostitutes. The reasons behind this are actually quite logical, if you think about it. Many disabled people don’t really have any chance of sexual encounter but still crave for physical contact just like any other human being. In some parts of Europe it has led the governments to start financing the visits to Sexual Surrogates for disabled people.

The Original G-Spot

The woman who first identified the G-Spot was called Beverly Whipple. In 1980’s she wrote a book about it, and when later wanted to be scientifically proven, the first idea was for it to be called the Whipple Tickle, since one uses their fingers or other body part to tickle it in order to get to the orgasm. Fortunately, Beverly was smart enough not to call it that, and opted for G-Spot instead.

Sex Toys Go A Long Way Back

Do you know when sex toys came to use? Most would say the 90’s, since that’s the time when Sex and the City made them wildly popular. However, sex toys have been around for much longer. The vibrator was invented in Victorian times to help doctors perform ‘pelvic massages’ on women. Dildos go even further into the past, with the earliest record of one dating to 26,000 BC.