10 Sets Of On-Screen Lovers Who Actually Hated Each Other

When we watch a romantic movie, we want to believe that the actors who have chemistry on screen actually like each other off screen. Perhaps the duos that we have on this list are truly great actors and that’s the reason they were able to convince us they really did carry a torch for one another, despite the fact that they actually hated each other. Whatever the reason, whether an actor was bringing their personal drama on set, or the pair just had personalities that didn’t click, these 10 on-screen sets of lovers who actually totally hated each other could very well surprise you.

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale appeared in the movie Vacancy as a married couple who were having some issues. Perhaps they were convincing as a couple of on the outs because they actually didn’t like each other. After filming wrapped, Beckinsale wasn’t shy about her dislike for Wilson. She claimed he often showed up to set hung over and was rude to her.

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray are a bit different than other couples on this list. There was actually plenty of chemistry originally as they got married in real life. Their relationship turned sour and they divorced five months later and are far from friends these days.