10 Fast Food Items That Failed Horribly

Fast food restaurants and menu items come and go on an almost daily basis. Everything from McDonald’s to Pizza Hut has their fair share of new items introduced to the world that fail almost upon entry. These items are subsequently removed from the menu without further notice, and most are never spoken of again. However, every now and again, someone has to remind these major fast food chain restaurants of the mistakes they made at one point in their business. Here are ten of the worst fast food items that failed horribly.

Wendy’s Breakfast

Back in 2013, Wendy’s made the attempt to stop serving breakfast after one-year of experimenting. The fast-food chain underestimated the habits of its customers, so no one actually wanted to go there for breakfast.

Wendy’s SuperBar

Way back when, Wendy’s decided to introduce a country-style buffet to their fast-food restaurants known as Wendy’s SuperBar. It was mostly a salad bar and was rather popular. Unfortunately, the restaurant cancelled it without notice.