10 Secret Armies The CIA Has Used

The United States has become very well known for providing military support to almost any country in the entire world that is in desperate need of it. However, there are times when they are unable to provide the same level of support as what we have seen in recent years in the Middle East. During those times, the CIA steps in and offers a secret mercenary army to help a country out of a tight situation, or for their own devious intentions. Here are ten of the most top secret armies the CIA has used in the past.

Ukrainian Partisans

Between 1945 to 1952, the CIA trained and supplied various Ukranian partisan combat units to organize against the Soviets during World War 2. For seven years, those militant groups made numerous attacks, but were nearly wiped out.

Chinese Brigade

Following the Communist Party takeover in China, Nationalist Chinese soldiers ran to Burma. During the 50s, the CIA used these soldiers to form a 12,000 strong brigade to perform raids against the Communist Chinese government.aaaaa