20 Horrifying Shark Attacks That Will Make You Question Going Swimming

It’s summertime, which means everyone wants to head to the beach and enjoy themselves while the heat is high and the sun is shining bright. Unfortunately, the beach has become home to plenty of wildlife, including the occasional shark swimming far too close to the shore. Every now and then, a shark is spotted near the coast, and the entirety of the closest beaches are put on alert to caution everyone from entering the water. However, that doesn’t always work, as there are shark attacks happening all the time. Here are twenty of the very worst occurrences.

Rodney Fox

Rodney Fox, in 1963, was attacked by a shark while in his wetsuit. The attack was considered to be one of the very worst shark attacks in history. Fox suffered a punctured diaphragm, pierced scapula, and a ripped lung. His rib cage and upper stomach were exposed, and the wetsuit held his internal organs inside of him after the attack.

Omar Conger

Omar Conger, along with his diving companion Chris Rehm, were in the water along the Pacific Coast near Santa Cruz, California. Conger was attacked by a great white that jumped out of the water and pulled him in. The shark’s bites suggested it to be around 16-feet long.

La Seyne

In 1909, the French steamer La Seyne was moving 100 passengers from Java to Singapore when they collided with the Onda, a British-India Steamship Co. liner. The wreck, which happened 26 miles from land along the Rhio Strait, caused numerous deaths. Over 101 people were killed by sharks following the sinking, according to the captain, Joseph Coulailhac.

Ian Redmond

While on his honeymoon, Ian Redmond was attacked by a six-foot shark along Anse Lazio Beach in Seychelles. Redmond was snorkeling off-shore with his wife, Gemma Houghton, when the attack happened. Both his arm and leg were ripped off. Redmond ultimately bled to death on the beach after being dragged from the water.

The Real New Jersey Jaws

Five shark attacks occurred along the Jersey Shore over a 10-day time period in 1916. 25-year-old Charles Vansant was the first victim, Charles Bruder was the second, the final three took place at Matawan Creek, 30 miles from Spring Lake. Four of these victims died, and the fifth suffered serious injuries.

Shirley Ann Durdin

A simple 33-year-old housewife and mother, Shirley Ann Durdin went snorkeling in Peake Bay when she was attacked by a great white shark in seven-foot deep water. Her husband and four children watched from the shore as the shark tore her in two. The only thing remaining of her when rescuers arrived was her headless torso, though the shark circled back and took that, too.

USS Indianapolis

In 1945, the USS Indianapolis dropped the first Atomic bomb. A Japanese submarine fired six torpedoes, sinking the ship between Guan and Leyte Gulf. 900 men were thrown into the water upon the ship sinking, and then whitetip sharks began circling those left in the water. Within five days, 600 more men died in the water, with the sharks accounting for most of the deaths.

Robert Pamperin

In 1959, Robert Pamperin was diving for sea snails off La Jolla Coast in California. His friend, Gerald Lehrer, said Pamperin was unusually high in the water and missing his mask. Pamperin then slowly descended into the blood-red water. A 22-foot shark was seen dragging the diver towards the sea bed.

Barry Wilson

Swimming along the coast of California in 1952, Barry Wilson, 17, was spotted being jerked from side-to-side by an unknown force. The young boy was screaming for help as the shark dragged him under. He resurfaced and was dragged to shore by five brave swimmers, but bled to death on the shore.

Terrance Manual

A white pointer shark measuring 10-foot long ripped Terrence Manuel’s right leg from his body in 1974 as he attempted to escape the water to his friend’s boat. John Talbot, the boat owner, raced to save his friend. Sadly, Manuel ended up bleeding to death in the water.

Randall Fry

Randall Fry was swimming along the California coast in 2004 when he felt the water move beside him while swimming. A shark fin surfaced, dragging Fry under the water right in front of his friend, Cliff Zimmerman. The severed head and body of Randall Fry were found separetely the next day.

Brook Watson

The first-ever recorded shark attack happened in Havana in 1749. Brook Watson, a British merchant sailor was swimming when she was attacked and dragged into the water. Brook lost his foot and had the entire leg amputated, but ended up serving nine years as a Member of Parliament before becoming Lord Mayor of London.

2009 French Surfer

In 2009, a 19-year-old French surfer was attacked along the island of New Caledonia. A group of sharks attacked the boy, where they began to bite at his leg, and ripped his entire arm off. He managed to make it to the boat, but died before he reached shore.

10-Year-Old, Virginia Beach

It’s always unfortunate to hear of the death of a child, but one attacked by a shark is even worse. It’s a savage way to go. A 10-year-old boy was killed by a shark while playing in 4-foot deep water on a sandbar at Virginia Beach. The boy’s father attempted to beat the shark over the head, but failed to save the boy in time. Multiple bites on his legs and thigh resulted in massive blood loss.

Lloyd Skinner

In an attempt to escape the heat, Lloyd Skinner, 37, went swimming in Cape Town, South Africa. A Great White raced towards Skinner at 25 miles-per-hour, enveloping the man in its mouth. Skinner managed to swim back to the surface, but was attacked a second time. No trace of Skinner was ever discovered, leading officials to believe he was entirely consumed.

Bethany Hamilton

While surfing off the coast of Kauai on Halloween morning in 2004, this surfer was attacked by a 15-foot tiger shark, losing her entire arm in the process. Hamilton was surfing with her arm dangling in the water when a “gray blur” attacked. The shark tugged her arm back and forth, and then was ripped from her body. Hamilton survived and was back surfing a month later.

Henri Bource

Henri Bource and two divers were playing with seals along the coast in Australia when a Great White swam underneath him, grabbing his legs. Bource attempted to fight back and gouge the shark’s eyes, but his efforts were in vain. His leg was ripped clean off. Bource survived the attack, and used footage of it in his documentary, “Savage Shadows.”

Memory Rock

In 2008, a boat capsized around Memory Rock in the Bahamas. This is a popular site for shark baiting. Four scuba divers were floating in the water as they were encircled by a group of tiger sharks. Captain Jonathan Rose, who had a boat in the area, witnessed at least one man devoured by the sharks. Rose rescued three others who were in the water.

Pig Basket Atrocities

In 1942, 200 captured Allied soldiers were stuffed into bamboo pig baskets and transported to the coast. These men were then thrown overboard into shark-infested waters and eaten alive, one by one. An Australian court later charged the commander in chief of Japanese forces at Java. He served ten years for the ‘Pig Basket Atrocities’.

HMS Valerian

In 1926, a British Naval ship, HMS Valerian, capsized during a hurricane. 88 crew members eventually died within the waters, with the majority of them due to shark attacks. Sailors hung to life rafts in the hopes of surviving, but were dragged under the water and eaten in a feeding frenzy.