10 Reasons Why You Get Dirty Looks In The Cinema

Planes, trains, malls, festivals – we all know that humans in large quantities often results in annoyance and mess. One of the places where people behave the worst are at commercial cinemas. If you’re getting dirty looks from your fellow patrons, have a good look at how you’re behaving. It doesn’t take much to do your part so that everyone can enjoy their night out. All you have to do is not be this guy.

Box Office Hog

By the time you’ve gotten to the front of the line at the Box Office you’ve already had plenty of time and opportunity to find out about the films and decide what you want to see. Websites, apps, session boards – all of this wonderful technology is there to make everyone’s life quicker and easier. You can also get to know the cinema’s offers and membership entitlements online in your own time. If you need to speak to a staff member, come earlier so that you’re not holding up the rush.

Candy Bar Tantrum Thrower

Guess what? Your choc top is not the reason why you came to the cinema. If they don’t have your favourite flavour in stock, get over it and pick something else. You’re there to see a film, and the Candy Bar should be secondary to the experience. Don’t throw a tantrum and waste the time of the people behind you, and don’t traumatise the 18 year old kid serving you.