10 Of The Youngest Kids To Achieve Incredible Things

Most people think that children are like little lumps of clay that can be molded into becoming amazing people when they grow up. In reality, children can be pretty amazing even at a very young age, and to underestimate them would be to severely underutilize their overall potential. There are plenty of children around the world who have achieved some incredible things at a very young age. Here is a list of 10 of the youngest children in the world to achieve some incredible feats.

Youngest Granny

This is a case that equals to a medical marvel. Rifca Stanescu is a Romanian wife who is currently the youngest grandmother in the world. She is only 25 now, but she had a child when she was only 12. Remarkably enough, her child had a kid when she was 11, making Rifca a grandmother when she was only 23.

Youngest Tattoo Artist

Being a tattoo artist requires a tremendous level of skill, patience and a steady pair of hands. Ruby Dickinson has remarkably taken to the skill at the age of four, making her the youngest tattoo artist in the world. She practices with a toy kit everyday in her father’s tattoo salon.