10 Pictures That Prove That You Have A Dirty Mind

We are not all saints, but we aren’t always sinners either. Sexualizing people and things around us has become extremely prevalent thanks to the media and popular culture. They say that men think about sex once every five seconds, and women are not too behind on the count. This isn’t our fault though, it is the way modern society has been constructed. There is a lot of loneliness and supressed feelings around and having sexual thoughts is only natural. If you are a person who doesn’t think they have been corrupted by society, here is a list of 10 pictures to prove that you have dirty mind, just like the rest of us.

Pointy Heels

Stop staring you pervert, it is only a shoe and not what you thought it was.

Furry Puppy

That is one giant, furry, enormous…dog. That’s right, it is just a dog, but it is shaped like something else.