20 Of The Best Celebrity Prom Photos Out There

While we may all have some awkward or funny photos from our past that we would not want anyone to see, you don’t get that luxury when you become a celebrity. It seems like everything becomes an open book when you become famous, so of course someone is going to dig up some old prom photos of celebrities. Some of them are hilarious and some of them are cute, as we see them at such a young age! Check out 20 of the best celebrity prom photos right here!

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen likes to share bad prom photos on her talk show, but she is not ashamed of showing her own also. Neither of them look thrilled to be going to prom, especially since both of them showed up with the same hairdo!

Tiger Woods

We probably were all cheering for him on the golf course shortly after this photo was taken.

Will Ferrell

It looks like Will Ferrell was already a funny character back in high school. We love that man and it looks like he stole his date’s tiara for the photo.

President Barack Obama

While you would think that President Obama took the girl on the right, he sure seems interested in the girl on the left! Either way, it was high school and they were all having a good time!