10 Of The Most Impressive Forms Of Martial Arts

The various forms of martial arts are, for the most part, easy to begin learning, but incredibly hard to master. It takes years and years of practice for someone to gain the highest level of mastery, which is usually denoted by a black belt around their waist. That being said, there are many forms to choose from. These martial arts forms come from all over the world, with some being used simply for fitness, others for self-defense, and some for sporting events. Each one is different and varied. Here are the ten most impressive forms of martial arts.


Karate means “empty hand” in Japanese, and is probably the single most popular form of martial arts in the entire world. It is a simplified form of self-defense, but it also has a deeply philosophical aspect to the entire artform.


Taekwondo comes straight out of Korea, and combines the usage of both hands and feet into one martial arts form. Powerful kicks are generally followed by a quick strike with the hand, though the feet and legs are the main focal point.