10 Strange Competitions From Around The World

Healthy competition is one of the most important elements in keeping our economy afloat. Its what drives people to take jobs and is the core base of all sporting events. A little bit of healthy competition isn’t just healthy, but it is also extremely important. It is also an element that is wired into the human psyche. Most people are competitive by nature, and this factor drives them forward. There are many types of competitions in the world but not all of them are what you would expect. Here is a list of 10 of the strangest competitions you can battle in.

Gurning Competition

This rural competition managed to become an actual event thanks to the annual Egremont Crab Fair. It involves putting your face through a giant horse shoe and making a silly face known as ‘gurnin through a braffin’. This might seem completely strange and pointless, and it really really is.

Toe Wrestling Competition

This competition may sound juvenile at first, but it is actually one that goes back all the way to 1976. It was started by a pub in Derbyshire, and now sees hundreds of people eagerly competing in the event. It is known to get pretty competitive as well, with many cases of broken toes and ankles reported at the event.