10 Of The Most Handsome Actors From 2015

Actors throughout Hollywood are mostly known as some of the most handsome individuals to grace the planet. While it is true that some of them are rather ugly, the vast majority could be considered good looking and well off physically. That being said, there are a select handful of actors who have made big-screen appearances in the past year that could be considered some of the most handsome. The likes of Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper come to mind. Here are the ten most handsome actors of 2015.

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson may not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to handsome actors, but the man has certainly made an impact on the female movie fans. Born in 1973, this man has been nominated for an award for outstanding supporting actor already.

Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth may be one of the younger actors working in Hollywood, but he has made a name for himself already. Born in London in 1992, this young man came to the spotlight back in 2010. He can be seen in Jupiter Ascending, most recently.