10 Of The Most Controversial Playboy Covers Of All Time

Nowadays we are used to seeing nudity all over the media and it’s even considered art. However, as early as a decade ago the racy images on the covers of playboy sparked controversy. Back in the conservative 1950’s, even showing a little bit of cleavage could ruin your public persona, yet alone being nude on the cover of a magazine. However, the world has changed and we’re free to talk about and discuss nudity without being judged. With all that in mind, here are 10 extremely controversial Playboy covers throughout the years, which helped shaped the racy world we live in today.

The Government Issue

In 1980, the Playboy cover for November featured a woman from the U.S. government. It’s easy to understand why this sparked a ton of controversy.

The Black Beauty

In the first days of the revolution that changed the way people perceive racism, the October 1971 issue of Playboy sparked controversy featuring the first African-American woman on its cover.