10 Of The Most Controversial Horror Movies Ever Made

Horror films are one of the highest-grossing genres in the movie industry. The stakes continue to rise to see how thrilling, scary, and grotesque creators can make their films. Pushing the envelope has been in the industry for decades, and sometimes moviemakers can go a little too far. Some movies have gotten banned in multiple countries, or created outrage for its outrageously offensive content. Here are some of the most controversial horror movies on that list.

Child’s Play 3

The forgettable sequel spawned controversy due to a grizzly death caused by children. Two 10-year-olds killed 2-year-old James Bulger by recreating a scene in the movie, torturing him and covering him up in blue paint while a train ran over his corpse.


This 1975 film coined the term “snuff film,” as the director tried to make the killings as real and dark as possible. It caused investigations to occur, but there was no evidence that any murders in real life took place.