15 Signs That It’s Time To End Your Relationship

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At some point in a dating relationship you either need to take the next step or walk away. For some people it’s difficult to know exactly when to walk away. They stick by their partner through thick and thin. While that’s definitely a sign of commitment in most cases, there are times when it’s just a sign of laziness. Well, depending on the relationship, it could be a sign of other things as well. Have you been together a while? Has you relationship been rocky lately? Did you just start dating? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.

You No Longer Communicate

Some relationships thrive on minimal communication, but a relationship cannot survive on no communication at all. If you no longer have meaningful conversations and spend most of your time in the same room in silence, it’s likely your relationship is already over and someone failed to point it out to you.

All You Ever Do Is Argue

While a small argument here and there is a sign of a healthy relationship, it’s a bad sign if all you do is argue. If you can’t be in the same room with each other without starting a fight, it’s time to ring the bell and get out of the ring, permanently.

You Notice Something Different About Them

It could be as simple as a change of attitude. Once they were nice to you and wanted to spend time with you, now they are always picking fights or just never home. It could be something as drastic as a change in appearance too. Maybe they changed their wardrobe or got a drastic haircut. Something just seems off, like they are on a different path than the one that was with you.

You’ve Grown More Distant

One of you has stopped checking in when you are apart. You no longer send, or maybe receive, text messages with sweet, short love notes. It almost feels like you are worlds apart now, when once you were two beings in the same soul.

The Sex Just Isn’t There Anymore

If your relationship is sex free, or it’s like pulling teeth just to get some loving, that’s a sure sign things are over. It’s also a sure sign that one of you may be getting some from somewhere else. While sex shouldn’t be what a relationship is based on, sharing that intimacy helps keep it going strong.

You Have No Respect For Each Other

You need to respect someone in order to have a relationship with them. There are many reasons people lose respect for their significant other, whether it’s because they change or because they do something unforgivable. If you don’t respect each other at least respect yourself enough to walk away.

You’re Bored When You’re Together

There’s never anything to do. You don’t want to go out on dates anymore. You have nothing to talk to one another about. Maybe you just don’t even have anything in common anymore. People change, and your changes have made you bored with each other.

You No Longer Make Plans For The Future

A loving relationship that has a future is filled with talk of that future. If you no longer discuss marriage, home ownership, and children with one another that means you no longer see a future with one another. Don’t waste each other’s time.

You No Longer Talk Or Think As A Couple

Once upon a time you talk about what “we” would do. You had plans for a future for “us”. But now it’s all me, I, and/or you. You are already thinking and speaking as a singular entity rather than as a couple. It’s already over, you just haven’t walked away yet.

One Of You Has Already Cheated

While cheating is an end all for many relationships, not all people feel that way; many give second chances. However, sometimes you just need to realize that cheating is actually a sign that it’s over. Find someone that respects you enough to leave you before they sleep with someone else.

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Even if verbally your relationship seems perfectly fine, you may see non-verbal queues that something is off. When you sit near one another the other person turns their body away from you. They roll their eyes at you often when you talk. They find no more humor in your jokes. You’ll notice, body language often says more than people actually do.

You Notice Their Flaws Now

When you were in love their flaws were just an endearing part of them. However, now that the love is gone those flaws drive you crazy. Maybe it’s their bad habits or just something they do on a regular basis that annoys you, but it’s enough to be a deal breaker now.

You Feel Like You Are In Something Other Than A Loving Relationship

Whether that means that there is abuse, physical or verbal, or you are just being bossed around instead of being treated like an equal, this is a definite sign that it’s over. You need to get out now before your life is at risk. Relationships are about equality, not dominance.

You Never See Each Other

It’s one thing to be in a long distance relationship and only see each other once in a while. However, when you are short distance and life still manages to keep you apart it may be a sign that things are over. Maybe your relationship can withstand it, but what’s the point if you never get any time together?

You No Longer Hear ‘I Love You’

If those three little words that mean so much in a relationship are no longer being used when they once were, there’s no reason to go on together. One thing a relationship cannot last without is love.