10 Of The Funniest Roller Coast Photos Ever Captured

Is there anything better in this world than a great amusement park? We are so lucky as a species to have a fixed destination that guarantees a great time every time you go there. The quality of amusement parks has really gone up several notches over the past two decades as well. Now there are more exciting thrill rides and theme rides than ever before. Not everyone is built to live through these modern thrill rides though. Most amusement parks have cameras set up at important points on a roller coaster to capture the excitement on the customer’s faces. Here is a list of 10 hilarious pictures captured on roller coasters.

Cross Connection

Maybe riding a roller coaster is not the best time to be having a private conversation?

Puke Ahoy

You never walk into a roller coaster ride with a full stomach. It ends up becoming a wet ride and an ordeal for everyone around.