10 Of The Craziest Celebrity Feuds

Like any other ordinary person, celebrities tend to gent into a fight or argument with another individual. Many of these celebrity feuds come as a surprise and extremely unexpected to the public. Some of these feuding celebrities were once close friends, yet something odd happens to make them part ways. Celebrity feuds can be entertaining, especially if they take place over social media. Other feuds make you question, if the beef between the celebrities is even that serious to begin with. Let’s take a look at some of the craziest celebrity feuds.

Eminem vs Mariah Carey

Eminem once claimed that he and Mariah Carey had sexual relations. Eminem went on to talk about Mariah’s then husband, Nick Cannon, by calling him a cornball. Mariah Carey got her revenge by releasing the single, ‘Obsessed’ which eventually became a hit.

Meek Mill vs Drake

The Meek Mill vs Drake started when Meek took to Twitter to announce that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics. It created a social media frenzy and Drake emphasized that Meek Mill wouldn’t be as popular if it weren’t for his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.