10 Of The Best Sand Art Creations In The World

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Making sand sculptures and castles is one of the oldest traditions one can engage in when they visit a beach. A lot of people will also attempt to write their name in sand and then watch the waves erase their name. Artists around the world have now began to use sand in order to create some truly unique works on the beach. They use a rake and their sense of design and symmetry to create sand art that is visually stunning. This list features 10 of the best sand art creations in the world.

Sea Weed

There is nothing more annoying than running into sea weed on the beach. What if it was only decorating the beach instead of getting tangled between your feet?

Hypnotizing Symmetry

This piece is visually stunning and almost hypnotic.

Beautiful Pattern

A simple but beautiful pattern that has been perfectly executed.

Moving With The Wind

This piece looks like a two-dimensional plant is moving with the wind on the beach.

Drawn Out pattern

A beautiful pattern has completely transformed this beach side. You almost feel a little guilty walking on his beach.

Driving On The Beach

A happy, almost caricaturish couple can be seen driving along this beach.

Illusionary Pattern

Another beautiful and illusionary pattern seen decorating a beach.

Mimicking Waves

This piece looks like the beach is mimicking the pattern of the waves.

Beach With Drought

Despite how much water is in the ocean next to this beach, it seems as if there’s a drought!

Circle Of Happiness

A magnificent pattern using circles adorns this peaceful beach.