10 New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Already Broken

Less Alcohol

With people working less around the holidays, that gives more incentive to either go out and drink or to purchase lots of alcohol for family gatherings. An uptick in beer and wine will make people rethink their boozing intake, and they’ll promise to drink less after the new year. Similar to smoking, that dream is usually dead at the end of the first full week back to work when you’ll head to a bar and purchase a pitcher of beer.

Eating Better

Lots of us eat like crap toward the end of the year. Think about it — Halloween promotes candy, Thanksgiving promotes heavy eating with turkey and stuffing, and Christmas brings us a great mix of the two. It’s easy to think about eating more fruits and vegetables, but it’s a lot harder to keep that trend when pizza, frozen meals, and restaurants are so much simpler. Unlike fresh produce, they don’t go bad.