20 Struggles Of People Who Hate Affection

Having friends if you don’t like affection is a very scary thing indeed. Constantly required to show your approval of your relationships, you are forced time and again to come up with ingenious ways to make your friends feel better about themselves without actually having to touch them. It’s a tough world out there. If you’re overly-affectionate, take some time out to think of those who aren’t. Living in a world with a case of the feels is not all fun and games and if you hate hugging, this one’s for you.

Having To Touch Someone, In Any Way

Even the briefest of hugs sends shivers down your spine and when forced to engage in bodily contact, you close your eyes and wait it out. You’re trying to come up with a new way to show affection without contact but so far, you’re stumped.

Having Overly Affectionate Friends

Let’s face it; most people these days are huggers. There must have been something in the water. If, by some strange phenomenon, you don’t like hugging, having friends who constantly want to touch you can be very unnerving. You like them and all that; you just don’t want to touch them.

Getting Stuck On Public Transport At Rush Hour

When you absolutely have to take public transport, you try and find the most obscure and therefore, empty route possible. Getting stuck in rush hour is unthinkable to you; personal space goes completely out of the window.

Having To Wear Armour As Fashion Accessories

You layer yourself up in spiky belts and metallic accessories just to put people off touching you. If they won’t take your protestations seriously, you have to get a little more blatant about it.