20 Struggles Of People Who Hate Affection

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Having friends if you don’t like affection is a very scary thing indeed. Constantly required to show your approval of your relationships, you are forced time and again to come up with ingenious ways to make your friends feel better about themselves without actually having to touch them. It’s a tough world out there. If you’re overly-affectionate, take some time out to think of those who aren’t. Living in a world with a case of the feels is not all fun and games and if you hate hugging, this one’s for you.

Having To Touch Someone, In Any Way

Even the briefest of hugs sends shivers down your spine and when forced to engage in bodily contact, you close your eyes and wait it out. You’re trying to come up with a new way to show affection without contact but so far, you’re stumped.

Having Overly Affectionate Friends

Let’s face it; most people these days are huggers. There must have been something in the water. If, by some strange phenomenon, you don’t like hugging, having friends who constantly want to touch you can be very unnerving. You like them and all that; you just don’t want to touch them.

Getting Stuck On Public Transport At Rush Hour

When you absolutely have to take public transport, you try and find the most obscure and therefore, empty route possible. Getting stuck in rush hour is unthinkable to you; personal space goes completely out of the window.

Having To Wear Armour As Fashion Accessories

You layer yourself up in spiky belts and metallic accessories just to put people off touching you. If they won’t take your protestations seriously, you have to get a little more blatant about it.

Relating To Cactuses As Your Spirit Animal

You wish, like cactuses, you came with a “do not touch” label, that was to be used at all times. You feel such affection for the little plants that sometimes, you’re tempted to touch one to show it how you feel.

Being Compared To A Cat

Cats get a bad reputation and you’ve never understood why. Sure, they like their personal space, but so do you, and that doesn’t make you a monster. Your cat is the perfect roommate, ignoring you for 90% of the time.

Having To Develop Quick Escape Routes

You’re always alert to the possibility that someone could touch you at any moment and as a result, you have developed a highly technical understanding of escape routes. If someone so much as blinks towards you, you’re out of there.

Instantly Punching Someone Who Touches Your Bare Skin

Your gut reaction is to hit whoever tries to touch you without a full and proper warning. You’ve punched your close friends so many times that they wouldn’t even dream of gesturing towards you, for fear of how you would react.

Struggling To Keep It Cool When A Teacher Touches You

There was always one teacher who wanted to show that they understood you by constantly squeezing your shoulder. You managed to keep it cool in the classroom but once you were out of there, you screamed in disgust.

Being Told You’re Cruel And Cold

People assume that, because you hate all forms of personal contact, you’re a cold person who doesn’t love anyone. In fact, you’re all marshmallow and goo inside; it’s just that no-one can get past your hard exterior.

Attending Concerts and House Parties

If, on the rare occasion, you are going to a concert, you have to spend the entire day building yourself up to the event. The prospect of being in touching distance of hundreds of sweaty limbs sends your gag reflex into overdrive.

Grimacing When Someone Talks Too Close To You

Even though you’re normally under pretty good control, from time to time, you let your defences drop and show everyone what you’re feeling. You can’t help it that close physical contact makes you grimace, but everyone else thinks that you’re a monster.

Having To Endure A Hug

If you meet someone who like long hugs, there’s practically no escape. You are used to visiting your “happy place” when this happens, counting it out until it’s all over.

The Pain Of Loving An Affectionate Person

If, by some miracle, you have managed to find someone who you actually love, you’re normally cursed with the fact that they’re overly affectionate. Finding middle ground with them is almost impossible; you never want to touch while they never want to be apart. It makes for an interesting relationship.

Having To Spell Out Your Personal Space Etiquette

When you meet new people, you always have to awkwardly explain your ideas about personal space. They just don’t seem to understand that your personal space is triple the size of most people’s and if they enter it unannounced, there will be hell to pay.

Being Made To Explain Why You Hate Cuddling

At every social event you go to, you’re displayed like a freakshow, forced to explain why you hate cuddling so much. For some reason, people can’t accept that it’s gross and every few days, you have to explain yourself again.

Being Forced To Look Nasty To Avoid Contact

You’ve taken to going around with a nasty expression on your face, just to stop others from touching you without your permission. You’ve got a reputation as a bit of a villain but if that’s the price you have to pay for peace, you’re okay with it.

The Pain Of Having To Share A Bed

There is nothing worse than having to share a bed with another human being. No mattress will ever be big enough and if they even brush your leg when you’re sleeping, you have a full on meltdown.

Trying Not To React When Someone Works Out Next To You

Even though there are dozens of treadmills available, people always seem to work out on the machine directly next to you. You try and channel your rage towards your workout but after about 5 minutes, you can’t take it any more.

Having To Pose For Group Pictures

Photographs are your number one enemy and being forced to squeeze into a frame is like fresh hell. You try and grimace your way through it, but when the pictures come back, your pain is pretty clear for everyone to see.