10 Marks Supposedly Left On Earth By The Devil

Humans are known for their ability to see patterns where there is nothing to be spotted and see images in weird shapes. Spotting smiley faces in the clouds and random animal shapes in the clear blue sky has kept us occupied in the times of boredom. It also helped build the fog of legends and myths around the world, making us find things that are actually just rocks or buildings. We’ve found the supposed imprints of devil all around the world and presented them in the list below.

Der Teufelstritt, Germany

Apparently the architect of the city of Munich made a pact with the Devil that if he makes the church a dark monument, the Devil would fund the construction. However, the architect didn’t deliver and put windows behind the columns of the church. The devil, outraged, stamped his foot and his footprint stays in the church floor until today.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground, US

A country road in Chatham County is more commonly known as “The Devil’s Tramping Ground.” The local legend tells us that the Devil loves to come there every night and stomp around in a circle while planning his activities.