10 Insanely Delicious Burgers That Could Kill You

People love food, that much is evident by the amount of posts you see on Facebook about new recipes, combinations, and creations from almost every single person. However, some restaurants and chefs have taken things a step further by crafting the most delicious burgers in the entire world. Sadly enough, though, some of the burgers created by man are quite capable of killing someone. The burger, which has so much grease and fat, can literally stop a human heart. These ten burgers may look beyond belief, but they could be dangerous to your health. Eat at your own risk!

Royale Eatery Burger — Cape Town, South Africa

The Royale Eatery Burger is described as quite juicy, with a fresh bun, and perfect toppings for added flavor. Many people may be unhappy with the size, but this burger can pack a punch and keep on kicking well after you finished.

Buckhorn Burger — San Antonio, Texas

The Buckhorn Burger was not made for those with uneasy stomachs or the inability to handle spicy food. The burger is loaded with chili peppers and spicy Mexican sauces, ensuring it burns your mouth and throat going down.