10 Versions Of Hell From Different Mythologies

Is there life after death? This is the fundamental question that has haunted humanity for millennia now. We don’t want to think of our time on this wonderful planet as a finite experience, which is why we have the recurring concept of heaven and hell across various mythologies and religions around the world. This also keeps us in check during our time on earth, as only the good get to go to heaven, while the wicked are punished for all eternity. The concept of hell has almost become universally recognized now, and here is a list that comprises of different versions of hell from various mythologies.


The Greeks had two version of hell – One called Hades, which is the underworld, and another called Tartarus, that is supposed to be far below Hades. Only the worst human beings were sent to Tartarus, but their time there was not permanent. A human would have to serve the appropriate punishment in Tartarus, such as sitting next to appetizing food and drinks for a year without touching it, after which the soul would be washed away by one of the many rivers that flows through this realm.


According to Babylonian mythology, the dead need to first pass through seven gates to reach the underworld. Each gate is supposed to be guarded by a gatekeeper who can be bribed using a piece of clothing or jewelry. Once you reach the underworld, you will live in a place where everyone wears feathers, and people have no choice but to eat and drink dust in the dark for the rest of eternity.