10 Hilarious Pictures Of Cats Getting Stuck

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They say that cats have nine lives, and boy they sure do need them! When they are not napping for hours, they exercise their curiosity by doing all kinds of mischief and getting themselves into trouble. Their exploratory nature can mean trouble for them, but it is a lot of fun for cat owners. Seeing cats getting stuck in weird places is a common sight, but it is still quite hilarious. This list features 10 funny pictures of cats getting stuck quite badly!

From The Fryin Pan

This cat looks quite cosy in this pan, but make no mistake about it, he is stuck!

The Dog Made Me Do It

No matter how much trouble cats get into, they find a way to blame dogs for it.

Fat Kitty

This kitty made it through the cat door for the last time. He will need to use a full-sized door from now on.

Christmas Kitty

Don’t you just hate it when you are decorating your Christmas tree and you get stuck inside it!

Desert Diaper Storm

This cat is preparing for some type of sand storm by using a diaper.

Spare Change

Looking for things stuck between your couch cushion can be fun, but the lure is sometimes not worth the trouble.

Climbing Problems

This cat is clearly not fit enough to be making this climb. Kudos for trying though!

Giving Up

What can you do when you get stuck? You just patiently wait for some one to get you out of course. If you can nap during that, its a bonus!

Desperate Hunt

This cat seems to be searching for mice in all the wrong places!

Cat In A Bottle

Most people find messages in a bottle. On this rare occasion, someone found a very strange cat instead.