10 Facts You Never Knew About ‘Scrabble’

The game of “Scrabble” is one of the most popular board games in the world. It ranks only second to “Monopoly” in North America in terms of households owning it. Ever run into issues when debating the legitimacy of a word? What you may not know is there’s actually an official dictionary exclusive to the game that can be referred to. The book costs as much as a cup of coffee and can also be accessed online for quick referral. Here are some other interesting facts about the board game that you probably didn’t know.

“Bingo” Is A Rule

Oddly enough, somebody can yell out, “Bingo!” during a game of “Scrabble.” That’s what happens when somebody uses all seven of their tiles in one round.

It Wasn’t Called ‘Scrabble’ Initially

Alfred Mosher Butts, an architect from New York City, created the game under the name of “Lexico,” but later changed it to the very descriptive “Criss-Cross Words.” His business partner then helped him come up with the name of “Scrabble.”