20 Celebrities Who Are Definitely Showing Their Age

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Have you ever watched an old movie and found yourself attracted to the movie star in the leading role? Have you ever, sneakily, Googled said star after finishing the movie to find out what they’re doing now? And have you ever found your jaw hanging open in shock when you see just how much they’ve aged?

Unfortunately, mother nature isn’t kind to all of us and, whilst we’re constantly shown images of stars who look younger than their years in the gossip columns, there’s a whole other set of celebrities to whom nature has been a little less kind. Even money can’t buy youth, apparently.

Brigitte Bardot

Once the sweetheart of the French New Wave, Brigitte Bardot is often referenced as the epitome of the blonde, youthful goddess. The only trouble is that she doesn’t quite look how she used to. Now in her 80’s, Bardot is hardly recognisable from the pictures of her youth.

Lindsay Lohan

Despite not having each reached the grand old age of 30 yet, Lindsay Lohan has aged horribly for her years. Blame it on her alcohol abuse, blame it on her penchant for plastic surgery, one thing’s for sure; she’s not the glowing starlet that she once was.

Keith Richards

In his heyday, the Rolling Stones star was one of the most sought after men in the world. After decades of partying and alcohol abuse, however, Keith Richards is looking a little less than fresh. Look at him as proof of what a hedonistic lifestyle can do to you.

Mickey Rourke

In the 80’s, you wouldn’t have been alone if you had harbored a massive crush on acting star Mickey Rourke. Something must have happened to him since then, however, as nowadays, the actor seems to have aged years in advance.

Goldie Hawn

Belle of the 1970’s, actress Goldie Hawn is best remembered for her flowing locks and beautiful smile. In 2015, however, things look a little different and whilst the actress still has a lot to smile about, she looks completely different.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne might be best remembered for reality TV show The Osbournes but years before that, he was actually something of a music hottie. It just goes to show what a wild lifestyle and years of drug abuse can do to your face.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Whilst the Sex and the City actresses’ beauty has always been a bit of a dividing subject, there’s no denying the fresh faced look she once sported. Now, however, the actress looks old beyond her years and seems to be getting more angular by the minute.

Axl Rose

Axl Rose was once the baby-faced front man of 80’s mega group Guns n’ Roses. When the group returned with a revamped line-up in the early 2000’s, fans were shocked by how much leading man Axl Rose had aged. His weight gain seemed to suck all stage presence out of his performance.

Carrot Top

You would be forgiven for assuming that plastic surgery is the antidote for ageing. Whilst it might be good for a quick fix, if used too much, it starts to have the opposite effect. Take Carrot Top as an example. Whilst he is 50 years old, the amount of plastic surgery he has had makes it entirely impossible to see what he really looks like. Think of it as a warning for all.

Russell Corwe

In Gladiator, Australian actor Russell Crowe was in seriously good shape. Now, things look a little different and whilst he used to be a ripped killing machine, now he looks more than a little older than he actually is.

John Travolta

In the 80’s, John Travolta was a complete stud. Just look at Grease and Saturday Night Fever. More recently, though, the actor seems to have undergone a transformation and where he used to be the envy of all in Hollywood, now he’s more of a walking joke. At least his hair’s still good.

Pamela Anderson

20 years ago, if you even uttered the name “Pamela Anderson”, people would go absolutely wild. Now, though, the Baywatch babe has gone a little off the rails and whilst she once used to ooze sex appeal, things now just look a little off.

Lil’ Kim

Defined by her petite frame and pretty face, the pint sized rapper was once the fresh face of Hip Hop. Now, Lil’ Kim is not so lil’ any more and has aged almost unrecognisably beyond her years.

Haley Joel Osment

You probably remember actor Haley Joel Osment best as that sweet kid from The Sixth Sense who could see ghosts. The 16 years since the film’s release have not been kind to Haley, however, and he was pictured recently looking far beyond his 27 years.

Courtney Love

Rocker Courtney Love has always been worshipped for her cool style and relaxed attitude. Perhaps the star has been a little too relaxed in her approach to personal health; after years of drug and alcohol abuse, the singer looks far advanced from her real age.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is best remembered as the “hot” one on TV show Cheers. Despite her youthful demeanor in the TV show, 20 years down the line, she’s not looking so good. Leaving the limelight seems to have had a bad effect on the actresses’ appearance.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry burst onto the scene in the mid 90’s with his character Chandler Bing in TV show Friends. The years since the TV show ended have gone a little haywire for the actor, who appeared recently looking vastly older than his 45 years.

Sylvester Stallone

Sly is yet another star who has fallen victim to the plastic surgery trap. Despite being remembered as the pinnacle of health and strength, the star today looks like he is falling apart, having gone under the knife one too many times.

Janice Dickinson

Wherever she goes, Janice Dickinson likes to remind us all that she was the very first supermodel to be discovered. Like many others, however, she has had so much plastic surgery since, that it is almost impossible to recognize the beauty which once saw her soaring to global acclaim.

Steve Tyler

Best known as the front man of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has had his fare shares of ups and downs in the music industry. Shooting to fame and subsequently losing the limelight due to substance abuse, he’s seen it all. It’s just a pity that we can read it all over his face; the years have not been kind to him.