10 Extreme Uses For Everyone’s Favorite Soda: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola may top the charts as one of the world’s favorite soft drinks, but the uses that are beyond drinking can be a tad extreme. A lot of people around the world have discovered the syrupy, brown soda can be used to do a lot of things, including growing flowers and loosening the bolts on a vehicle. That is a bit more than just extreme. Imagine, the liquid that can dissolve rust is going into your stomach every time you pop open a can of Coca-Cola. Here are 10 uses for the can of soda in your fridge.


Coca-Cola has been found to improve the overall quality of compost for growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Just add in a can to the mixture and you’re good to grow.

Loosening Bolts

If you find yourself with a bevy of rusted bolts, whether it is on a piece of machinery or a vehicle, simply pour some of the soda over the bolts. The soda will begin to eat away at the material, so you can remove the bolts later that day.