10 Extreme Uses For Everyone’s Favorite Soda: Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola may top the charts as one of the world’s favorite soft drinks, but the uses that are beyond drinking can be a tad extreme. A lot of people around the world have discovered the syrupy, brown soda can be used to do a lot of things, including growing flowers and loosening the bolts on a vehicle. That is a bit more than just extreme. Imagine, the liquid that can dissolve rust is going into your stomach every time you pop open a can of Coca-Cola. Here are 10 uses for the can of soda in your fridge.


Coca-Cola has been found to improve the overall quality of compost for growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Just add in a can to the mixture and you’re good to grow.

Loosening Bolts

If you find yourself with a bevy of rusted bolts, whether it is on a piece of machinery or a vehicle, simply pour some of the soda over the bolts. The soda will begin to eat away at the material, so you can remove the bolts later that day.

Defrosting Windshields

Anyone who lives in the north, specifically where there is a lot of cold weather, should know defrosting a windshield is a painful, annoying process. Pour some Coke over the window and you can see out of it in no time at all. Just make sure you wash it off after as it may leave sticky residue.

Hair Curler

You probably read that headline and thought to use the can of Coke and wrap it around the hair on your head. But no, instead simply pour some flat coke on your hair and within minutes you can rinse it off and you’ll be left with curly hair.


When you need to have clear, fresh looking skin, most people just go to a beautician or buy an over-priced product. Instead, use flat coke combined with your favorite moisturizer to ensure your skin appears brighter and smoother.

Car Batteries

Much like rusted bolts, a car battery that has seen a long life can be a pain in the butt to take care of. Pour just a little bit of Coca-Cola on the battery to erode the rust and bring it back to life.

Swimming Pool Cleaner

Instead of hiring an expensive agency, simply pour two liters of coke into your pool and then let it filter out naturally with the pump. The water will be clear before you know it.

Vintage Photographs

These days, it is almost impossible to print out a vintage photograph. Thankfully, you can take a normal photo and simply dip it into a bowl of coke, letting it soak for a moment. Upon the picture drying, the vintage look will be accomplished.

Removing Gum

In the odd chance that you get gum stuck in your hair, most people simply cut it out with a pair of scissors. Instead, take a can of Coca-Cola and pour it over the spot. The cola will work its magic, allowing the gum to be removed with ease.

Fading Hair Dye

When dyeing your hair, sometimes things can go wrong and it turns out too dark. If that happens, pour some coke over the area and the color will lighten up perfectly.