10 Exoplanets That We May Colonize In The Future

Scientists use a multitude of methods to figure out if an exoplanet, which is a planet orbiting a star other than our Sun, could be taken into account for being habitable. The future of humanity is thought not to be on Earth but one of the exoplanets scientists are so carefully following. The way to determine if there’s a future for humans on an exoplanet is by figuring out if there’s enough liquid water and the right atmosphere. The list of the 10 exoplanets we are bringing you is thought to be of the strongest candidates to soon host the human race.

Tau Ceti E

Tau Ceti is a star to which we need to travel for 12 light-years. The years there would last only 168 days and the temperature would reach around 158 °F.

Kepler 438b

Kepler 438 is a star that’s 473 light years away from Earth. It hosts liquid water and an average temperature of 37 °F which would mean quite an ice age way of living. Another problem is getting there as space travel would have to be extremely developed for us to reach Kepler 438b.