15 Questions That All 20-Year-Old’s Hate Being Asked

Once a person enters their twenties, they have this grandiose assumption that they are now included in the world of adults. That assumption would be deemed incorrect. Adults still do not see a freshly turned 20-something as a peer; they see that person as a somewhat larger child, immature, yet having to deal with all of the responsibilities and stresses of adult life.

Instead of offering up reasonable advice, 20-something’s are continually asked the most ridiculous questions. It’s almost as if turning 20 deems it appropriate to assume that one knows exactly what they’ll be doing for the rest of their life, who they’ll be with, how many children they’ll have, what the color of their car will be 17 years from now, and how much money they’ll have saved up when they retire. In reality, most 20-something’s don’t even know what they’re going to be having for breakfast tomorrow.

Are You Dating Anyone?

The age-old question. This one never stops, until you get married.

And If You Are Dating Someone, When Will You Get Married?

Because marriage is the ultimate goal in life for every 20-something, right?

Don’t You Wish You Were Majoring In Something Else?

AKA – don’t you wish you majored in something that will actually get you a career instead of something that you enjoy?