10 Cartoon Fan Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Popular television shows, movies and novels often become the source work for crazy and bizarre fan theories. When the initial media inevitably fails to answer every single question and address all of the plot points, fans step in to try to work them out and make sense of their favorite pieces of content. One particular type of show that has attracted plenty of speculation over the years is cartoons. Although they are primarily aimed at children, many viewers have noticed adult themes and unusual backstories that seem to indicate that the creators were not quite as innocent as many would have initially thought.

Snow White Is About Cocaine Addiction

Many people believe that Snow White may actually be a representation of cocaine addiction. They argue that the name Snow White is an obvious reference to the drug, which is famous for its white appear and is often called “snow”. They also state that the seven dwarfs can be seen as some of the stages of addiction such as Grumpy and Dopey.

WALL-E Is A Robot Murderer

The story of WALL-E confirms that the humans left hundreds of robots on the planet to clean up all of the rubbish and debris, yet WALL-E is the only one left at the beginning of the movie. One theory outlines that WALL-E must have murdered all of the other robots, ensuring they couldn’t stop him from collecting his favorite pieces of junk. The obvious fact that no other robots are still working and the fact that WALL-E constantly rips them apart to use their parts provides evidence but so does all of the remaining rubbish on the planet, indicating that the robots were not able to do their job as they had been killed.