10 Awesome Dads Who Know How Parenting is Done

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Parenting is an exhausting part of life. While there are hundreds upon thousands of books about how parenting should be done, the truth is that it should come naturally. Filled with parenting talent, the following dads may very well be the coolest dads ever! From rocking nail polish to waving selfie sticks in the air, these dads are not just up with the times, but also know how to keep their children entertained. Without further adieu, here are 10 dads who know how parenting is done!

The Nail Polish Dad

This dad definitely knows how to keep his children entertained, while playing a game!

The Water Slide Dad

This dad definitely has the best reaction photo from a water slide ever!

The Creative Dad

Driving your child around with an RC car? Why not! This dad is super creative!

The No-Mercy Dad

This dad has no mercy for his daughter, when playing around. After all she must learn how tough life is at an early age, right?

The Step Ladder Dad

A willing stepladder, this dad can definitely win the Dad of the Year award!

The Dress Wearing Dad

In order for his dress-wearing kid not to feel left out, this dad is wearing a dress as well. Amazing!

The Selfie-Stick Dad

What a better way to show your family you love them, than to pull out your selfie stick in the restaurant and upload a smiley family selfie to Facebook?

Elsa’s Dad

All of this dad’s children want to be princesses, thus he decided to become one as well! Awesome!

The Photobomb Dad

This dad has perfected the art of the photobomb. There are no words for his amazing photobombing skills.

The Buzz Lightyear Dad

This dad certainly has no issue with wearing what his son does. And that certainly makes him awesome!