10 Amazing Things Every House Should Have

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We all have a dream house carefully planed, constructed and equipped in our mind. It’s probably got a pool, all the entertainment we want and a lot of space with the unmissable fireplace inside the living room. Then there’s the people who build on their dreams and come up with stuff that could be thought as thinking out of the box. We compiled a list of ten incredibly weird but also creative ideas that will make your house the best in the neighborhood.

Aquarium Bed

Because why not?! Aquarium bed lights might keep you up at night, but the impressive squeals of your one-night stands will make it all worth it.

Indoor-Outdoor Pool

Hot tubs are too mainstream anyway. Why not have an indoor-outdoor pool where you can swim outside when it’s hot and just enjoy yourself inside when it’s snowing outside? In spring, you can do both.

Swing Set Table

For dining and having fun at the same time. Awaken your inner child with this swing set table.

Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk

Digging sand with your feet actually helps your blood flow.

Spiral Staircase Slide

There’s no need to ruin your knees walking down the stars when you can be sliding!

Cat Transit System

Cats love to be sneaky. And this is a perfect way for them not to scratch your furniture.

Understairs Storage

An incredibly neat trick for keeping your mess from the guest’s eyes.

Backyard Cinema

A way to make your life a bit like a Hollywood movie. The backyard cinema is actually easily installed by using a projector and a computer streaming service and will give you that spark for hot summer days.

Ping Pong Door

When you don’t have enough room for a ping pong table, there’s this ping pong door option that goes from a vertical surface used as a door to a horizontal surface that can be used as a table in the matter of seconds.

See-through Bathtub

Our absolute favorite! The see-through bathtub gives you the exclusive feel of a pool with actual minimal investments when it comes to installation and much less water wasted.