10 Amazing Pieces Of Topiary Art

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Anyone who has watched Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s epic film ‘Edward Scissorhands’ must be fully aware of topiary art. It is the art of trimming and shaping foliage in fresh and imaginative ways, converting your regular garden into full-fledged works of art. Topiary art is quite famous now and many companies and homes prefer seeing their landscape in the form of something more concrete and extraordinary. Here is a list of 10 amazing pieces of topiary art from around the world.

Shanghai’s Century Park Musicians

This piece of work looks extremely realistic and is quite emotionally charged as well. Throw some clothes on these folks and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between real and topiary folks.

Neiman-Marcus Dragon Topiary

This dragon looks fierce and mystical, almost appearing right out of the ground to devour some mortals. Coloring the nails, eyes and horns was a master touch as well.

Clarence House, U.K

It is quite the challenge to get an animal’s shape anatomically correct in topiary. Only the best artists can accomplish this feat.

Dolphin Topiary

This is a truly ingenious piece of topiary art. The dolphins look suspended mid-jump, and it looks almost choreographed in that moment, portraying them as the intelligent beings they are.

Panda Art

The Chinese do love their pandas very much. You will find similar topiary spread all across the country.

Bush Furniture

Art does not have to necessarily be created just for the sake of admiration, it can have utilitarian purposes too. This has got to be a great idea, one that everyone should try in their lawn.

Boat Ride Topiary

There is nothing like taking a nice pleasant boat ride across the garden, especially when you are part of the décor.

Wise Owls

These owls are extremely well made. The colors used across their bodies gives them a really good physical appearance.

Naughty Topiary

Can crass art still be considered art? What is crasser than a pig pleasuring another pig in grass form? Nothing!

Beijing Olympics

This colorful and lively display was created for the 29th Olympic Games in 2008. You can see a large collection of events that have been subtly placed in the work.