10 Amazing Construction Projects That Were Left Unfinished

The world is full of buildings and structures that have been built in the past few hundred years. While some may now be abandoned or no longer used, one thing that is common amongst them all is that they are invariably completed. After all, builders will generally only start to work on erecting their designs if they know the job is going to be finished. That isn’t always the case though and in some special circumstances, construction projects will be left incomplete, leaving behind striking monuments that remind everyone of their failure.

Deutsches Stadion

The Deutsches Stadion is a German stadium that was set to be used for sports events and rallies by the Nazi party. Construction began in 1937, however the outbreak of war meant that resources had to be moved away from the project, leaving it in in a rather dilapidated state.

Sagrada Família

Anyone who has visited Barcelona has probably seen the famous Sagrada Família church. It is a hugely popular tourist spot and is one of the most important places of worship in Europe. The entire structure though is just over half complete and work isn’t expected to be done until sometime around 2030.